European Conference on Deafblindness in Barcelona

The «European Deafblind Indicators project website» was developed by nine deafblind organizations from eight EU member states between September 2012 and September 2014. The European Deafblind Network (EDbN), which comprises each individual project group member, was responsible for the project’s conception and development. The project’s output, the Indicators of Deafblindness Equality in Europe (IDbEE), will serve as the basis for a common European framework for assessing institutional models of care for the deafblind.

The understanding that there are considerable differences in the level of attention among the various European States accounts for its significance. The project’s findings showed that the severity of deafblindness is substantially overstated and that far too little is known about it.

There aren’t enough specialized services for deafblind people in most states because most organizations don’t address their unique requirements. Although it denies their rights to health and social care, family life, and leisure, communication support and personal assistance services for deafblind individuals in Europe are at best rudimentary and inadequate. Change is achievable as long as the governments provide adequate assistance. Therefore, it is essential that we raise awareness on a European level.