EDbn took active part in the latest Deafblind Summer Camp for persons who have a significant hearing and vision loss, celebrated in Cambrils, Catalonia, and organized by Deafblind Spanish Federation (FESOCE).  The camp was held on the first days of September and the attendance enjoyed from several days of guided activities, while family members some well deserved relaxing time at the end of summer. The EDbN team organized various events specially adapted to the particular needs of each user. Workshops and field trips were programmed to encourage each individual to develop a sense of confidence, independence and enriching the interactive experience.

These nine-days services for the deafblind incite campers to strengthen organizational skills, personal and home management skills and community travel abilities through skills training, socialization and recreational opportunities. Aroha Palacios, one the program coordinators, declared that the vital thing during the summer camp is to establish a special link between caregiver and user.

FESOCE Summer Camp was very lucky to obtain the assistance of fifteen Social Workers course students from Pio Baroja Madrid Institute. In total, forty-three people between coordinators, caregivers, users and students, were present in Cambrils. In order to take care of the users during the whole 24 hour each caregiver was assigned two persons as support. Thanks to ideal weather conditions several activities were organized as swimming pool, beach and amusement parks excursions for socialization, leadership and increase confidence. Other users enjoyed day camp activities without sleeping at the complex.

Info Day - European Training Certificacint in Culture, Media, and ICT Accesibility 2017
FESOCE Summer Camp Team 2013

Once more the full and complete involvement of our whole team was crucial for such an astonishing event, especially to all coordinators and caregivers. Every one of them help to build the world a better and much more accessible place for those struggling to go further every day.

The EDbN summer camp #veranosordoceguera13 was possible thanks to the financial support of the Health, Social Service and Equality Ministry.