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The past 24th until the 28th of August, Deafblind International organized a conference at Lille, France, which served congenital deafblindness and acquired deafblindness, scientists and other participants to discuss several subjects, share experiences and participated in a variety of activities. Three were the main topics the board focus, all of them with equal significance to this worldwide association: Denial, Shame and Pride; Empowerment; Identity and Narratively. Expert researchers dealt each one of them on plenary sessions and answering questions from the attending audience.


A total of 84 workshops sessions were planned to compare distinct know-hows about the topics cited above, as well as other matters. EDb aspired to provide a sole chance to access the active and expert creativity of Deafblind persons, their families and all those professionals who face the problematic every day.

EDbN was able to explain those present the 2013-2014 working plan:

  1. Definition of the Charter of Services for the members.
  2. Increase the number of supporters.

3. Start with the arrangements for the next EDbN summit in Barcelona.
4.Contribute to DbI conferences and other events as well as to take an active roll in the publishing of DbI Review.

EDbN will concentrate its external strategy on working at European government level, influencing the European Parliament, the European Commission and EDF, looking to ensure all deafblind people needs are taken into account when time comes to legislate and dictate the future continental policies. EDbN has shown to be an ideal platform from where to influence all European institutions into thinking about deafblind individuals’ necessities.

To keep on the good work EDbN requires all its affiliates to contribute in specific areas such as:

  1. Information and communication technologies.                                                          
  2. Accessibility to transport.                                       
  3. High support needs.                                             
  4. Built environment

5.UN Convention Rights of People with Disabilities

6.Life long learning and employment

7.Independent living and employment

8.Access to goods and services

The final point of EDbN program involved Deafblind Europa Review magazine. It is of major importance to write at least an editorial per year and to try to involve every country member into writing an article or more per number.

The meeting was the perfect place for DbI networks to explain the spectators the state of their work. Not only the European Deafblind Network describe their progress in the deafblind field but also Charge Network, the Acquired Deafblind Network, the Outdoor Network and the Rubella Network.