Deafblind Ireland
  1. The Deafblind group

Research should be done to develop communication with four hands, hands on signin, technical aids, international exchange in this field. In the future we should have separate programmes at the same time: One programme on congenitally deafblindness ant the other on acquired deafblindness, we can have a deeper conversation in that way. How can the interpreteer situation be better in Europe?


The topics discussed are: Employment and job creation on all levels, professionals getting eshausted, staff getting burned out, stressed, guides interpreters working, relation between a deafblind person and the interpreter, dependency and working on an equal level, assessment programmes on the individual level, services evaluation, Training and educational programmes for parents. We could make a glossary of terms (e.g. what is EDF).


The parents group has a discussion about “parents definition”. The conclussion was “Parents are biological or foster parents or a legally appointed guardian or a family member who is responsible for a deafblind person who can not represent him/herself.”