In development an international project about deafblindness

International universities and non-profit organizations are carrying out a broad study that will develop a specific ICF Core Sets for deafblindness Deafblind International is carrying out an international study, led by the European Deafblind Network, that wants to provide a standardized description of functioning for the wide range of combinations of hearing and sight loss [...]

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Platform meeting in Brussels with special guest Mher Hakobyan EDF officer

On the last 30th of October, the whole Platform got together to discuss some very important things that were not solved at the last meeting in March. The meeting took place in the Delegation of the Government of Catalonia to the European Union in Brussels. On one hand, the agenda of the meeting covered the [...]

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EDbN in the ITU Evaluation Committee for an Accessible Europe

The last 24 and 25 of October there was the Regional Competition for an Accessible Europe on the ITU building in Geneva with the collaboration of Agenzija Sapport and Zero Project. A group of IT and sensory loss experts got together in the meeting as the Evaluation Committee of said competition that was supported by [...]

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OPEN LETTER TO THE EU INSTITUTIONS: WE DEMAND ACCESSIBLE EUROPEAN ELECTIONS 2019 The European Deafblind Network (EDbN), we call on the EU political leaders to ensure that persons with disabilities can meaningfully enjoy their right to vote and to stand for election. Voting is not an option, it is a right. If you want to [...]

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European Deafblind Day

April 1st, the day the European Parliament settled as the most remarkable date for the European Deafblind Community 2004 was an unprecedented great year for the European Deafblind Community. On April 1st, the European Parliament formally adopted a historic written Declaration on the rights of deafblind people. The document also lists the rights to which [...]

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Conference at European Parliament about deafblindness “Alone we can do so little, toghether we can do so much”

Conference at European Parliament about deafblindness “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much” Sanja Tarczay, President of the EDBU and Ricard López, President d’Apsocecat The Conference/Deafblind Awareness Day “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”, which will take place on June 5th 2018 [...]

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CHARGE Congress 2018

CHARGE Congress 2018 The CHARGE Association, the CRESAM, the NECKER’s Hospital medical experts, the CESSA and the ANPSA propose this to families and information and exchange conference professionals, in order to help all those who surround the CHARGE children to better meet their needs. These conferences are aimed at improving the daily lives of children [...]

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EDBN meets northern countries parents associations

The chair of the EDBN, Ricard Lopez, has made the most of his time in the Aalborg conference. During the four days of the conference he has called three very successful networking meetings.

In the first meeting, Mr. Lopez, met with some parents of deafblind children from the Nordic countries. Those parents have never been involved before in the activities for families organized by EDBN and other European associations. They found out that there has been a lack of communication but both parts are really interested in cooperating from now on. The first common project will be a sixth “Listen to Me”.

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MOU between EDBN and EDBU

During the 9th DbI European conference on deafblindness, the chair of the EDBN, Ricard López, called several network meetings that were really successful.

One of those meetings was with the chair of the European Deafblind Union (EDBU) Sanja Tarczay. The meeting was called with intent to start working together EDBN and EDBU. As a result of the meeting two projects were planned.

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Touch of Closeness — Maintaining Social Connectedness

From the 5th until the 8th of September 2017 the 9th Deafblind International European conference on Deafblindness was held in Aalborg, Denmark. More than five hundred people related with deafblindness actively participated in talks, workshops and networking meetings during the 4 days of the conference.

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