Interview at Ondacero radio

Fort the first time one of the stages of this tough dare crossed Catalonia.  They run from Coll de Pal ski resort in the middle of the Pyrenees mountain range to the Mediterranean coastal town of Masnou.

The adventure took place from the 14th to the 16th of June and was an excellent platform that gave Deafblind great converged. XRT showed great interest in knowing our disability and how it affects more than 3000 people only in Catalonia.

The green meridian, also referred to as the Paris meridian, is located to the east of Greenwich at a latitude and longitude of 2o 20’14,025 and goes directly from Masnou to Dunkirk on the northern coast of France.

Numerous events were held over the course of the prior weeks and up to the day the challenge was over to educate the public about the athletes’ physical condition as well as to bring together information about the various events and deafblindness as a disability.