Zagreb, Croatia 

Sanja Tarczay with The Order of The Croatian Star

The President of the Republic of Croatia annually honours meritorious individuals, Croatian and foreign nationals, organizations and legal entities with decorations and awards for their outstanding achievements, extraordinary contributions and true excellence in one’s career accomplishments.


On Monday, February 9th, during a traditional ceremony that was held at the Presidential Palace of the President of the Republic of Croatia, Dr. Ivo Josipovic, has awarded the President of EDbU and Croatian Association of Deafblind Persons, “Dodir”, Sanja Tarczay, Ph.D., the honour of the ORDER OF THE CROATIAN STAR WITH THE EFFIGY OF KATARINA ZRINSKA, an honour given for the extraordinary services for healthcare, social welfare and the promotion of social moral values, recognition and creation of an environment for the quality of life of deafblind persons in Croatia and the world. She is the first deafblind person in Croatia to receive this honour.