Our current project, the red and white cane, is focused on deafblind transportation and movement in public areas, streets, and crossings. This 100mm white cane with 100mm red stripes. The deafblind individuals are carrying white sticks, which is a sign of blindness. However, due to the lack of difference, deafblind people frequently deal with misconceptions, such as when they fail to respond to drivers’ pleas at crossings. This can even be dangerous for the deafblind person. In order to enhance the independence of deafblind persons and make them more visible to vehicles and other pedestrians, we wish to introduce the red and white cane into our society as a tool to increase their safety.

The red and white cane, in our opinion, will boost the community’s sense of self-worth and public respect. Our two main objectives are to create a single standard red and white cane and to gain support for the association of this cane with deafblindness. A campaign will be started at the municipal, central, autonomous community, and European Union levels in order to accomplish this final goal.