The European Deafblind Network is reactivating its work aiming to advocate for deafblind people rights. Currently we are building relations with several members of the European Parliament and working on new projects that include deafblindness within the Strategy for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities 2021-2030. Therefore, EDbN recently met with Melanie Köeller, a member of Roberta Metsola’s cabinet, President of the European Parliament. We are very grateful to Ms. Köeller for her interest in our work and deafblind people and their family’s needs and for the great help she is offering us.

All this work has a special relevance since deafblindness is a complex disability, that leads to individuals with very specific and diverse needs in many aspects of life. As most countries in Europe do not address deafblindness complexity fully, EDbN is encouraged to fill this gap with ambitious projects on a European scale. For now, we cannot discuss these projects in detail since they’re not released yet, but we will keep our network updated.