Federacion Española de Sordoceguera (Deafblind Spanish Federation) launched today its brand new fund raising campaign in Barcelona, Spain. This campaign aims to promote the awareness of deafblind as a unique disability, to influence for suitable facilities around the nation and as a way to raise the necessary funds to support families, professionals and deafblind people.

FESOCE is a Spanish organization that gathers all country´s deafblind associations to assess, assist and represent all those individuals affected by deafblind around the country. It is of great importance to emphasize that FESOCE has lately being declared as a Charity organization, meaning that all companies and individuals donating money to the Federation are exempt from tax paying.

EDbN help this cause by promoting FESOCE´s crusade and at the same time denouncing Spain poor position in comparison with the European standards, as they receive no government funding at all, depending entirely from private donations and by the aid of other European Institutions. The event was held at Luz de Gas hall in Barcelona. For further information click the link above and watch FESOCE new video