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The first meeting, named Mind The Data Gap is a report published by the European Platform of Deafness, Hard of Hearing, and Deafblindness. Are the statistics needed for an effective EU inclusion policy lacking?It will take place at the Bavarian Free State Representation in Brussels this Thursday, November 15.The debate will center on the concerns and problems that occur from the lack of easily accessible, trustworthy statistics about people with certain disabilities, particularly in terms of policy-making.

One of the conference’s objectives is to bring this to the attention of powerful individuals who can bring about change. Representatives from the European Commission, the European Parliament, and other European Institutions will attend the event. We’re sending out invitations right now, and we expect more people to accept. If the fundamental problems are fixed, all policies in this area will be more effective.

The discussion panel will include prominent MEP dám Kósa, one of the most well-known advocates for the rights of people with disabilities in Europe, as well as Stephanos Grammenos, an authority on European disability data and a member of the Academic Network of European Disability Experts, who we know will educate the audience with his knowledge on the subject.

Wheelchair users will have complete access to this event, which also offers speech-to-text in English and interpretation in both International Sign and the other language. Hearing aid users will benefit from the hearing loop in the room.