A meeting

In order to explain to all of our members the goals we seek, our working methods, and to share perspectives, EDbN will host its first General Assembly in more than ten years at the forthcoming Deafblind Conference, which will be held in Lille, France. The EDbN’s president since 2012, Ricard López, wants to make this approach standard operating procedure going forward. The best method to inform everyone about the EDbN’s accomplishments and our field of activity is to organize a yearly General Assembly. Therefore, the participation of all of our key partners, associates, and supporters is crucial.

Every ONG´s Chief Executive Officer’s, Public Relations Responsibles, Corporate Social Responsibility Directors and all those who can contribute by giving us their opinions, exchange points of view and work with us, in our main objective of developing an accurate questionnaire with all the relevant information needed to publish

The Assembly will begin on Friday, March 23 at 5 PM with a background explanation and a report on the biennial working schedule between the years 2012 and 2014. What was accomplished in previous years and the plan for the following 18 months.Later, the new Board members will be introduced to the general public, and serious questions and answers amongst the attendees will continue until 6 PM, when the assembly will come to a close.

In the event that a member is unable to attend the Assembly, we have created a proxy form that allows that member to designate another member to cast his vote at the 2013 EDbN Annual General Assembly on his behalf.

EDbN General Assembly 2013

Lille (FR), 24 August 2013   TIME: 17h


Room Hainaut
Congress Centre
Lille Grand Palais
1 Boulevard de Cités-Unies