EDbN hold hands to the European Parliament

The European Deafblind Network (EDbN) has recently received the confirmation of the access rights to the European Parliament premises. The accredited status will allow our representatives of Deafblindness greater networking opportunities to contact all the members of the European Parliament (MEP). This condition will provide the necessary steps to explain the requirements and needs of Deafblindness to all the members of the European institutions.


In addition to the ease of access and movement, this new condition will allow to present the specific care requirements of Deafblindness directly to the appropriate authorities. Besides, it grants the right to be informed about regulatory changes made in employment areas, social affairs, transport, tourism, culture and education.

Previously, EDbN had been admitted to the Joint Transparency Register, the identification system of organizations linked to European institutions. The Joint Transparency Register is a mechanism created and managed by the Parliament and European Commission so as to provide accurate information about all the people involved in activities influencing UE decisions. It offers a single conduct code that makes organizations to follow the rules and respect the ethical principles.The accredited status is a satisfied reason as it will enhance the needs of Deafblindness people facing the decision centers of the European institutions.