The secretariat: Bronte and Elvira, and President: Gill Morbey
The secretariat: Bronte and Elvira, and President: Gill Morbey

DbI Board met the day before the start of the 8th Deafblind European Conference to discuss a serious of aspects concerning its structure and projects.

Gillian Mobey, DbI President, explain all those present at the meeting how much the association has achieved and advanced in the last few years, specially remarking how many countries joined lately DbI. In total 22 countries are DbI members nowadays.

Deafblind International Vice President, reported which were the members benefits, making emphasize in those profits associates obtained when they joined our organization: The possibility to receive DbI Review magazine, which appears twice yearly. Special access to our web page articles, contents, papers, etc., all of them published in different languages and with the possibility to download them.

The Information Officer report was other subject of great importance. He pointed out its was urgent to add a sitemap into DbI webpage to make navigating the site easier and because it is good both for our users and for search engines.

A better access to DbI Review magazine and to others materials and to improve the magazine publishing protocols in order to have both English and Spanish versions ready together. He said the association should inform and organize better its calendar to prevent any kind of meetings or events to be held at the same time.

To end the meeting Sanja Tarczay, European Deafblind Union Vice President, explained EDbU´s history and proposed the Board members to organized a professional translators network to make DbI work easier.