A personal experience: Letter of Peter Fasung of Slovakia.

Wonderful family weekend in Slettestrand – Denmark 20.-27. june 2004

When we got the wind of the information that also in year 2004 we will participate on second family conference “Listen to me 2”, we were more than happy. Our pleasure was really great because also our younger and healthy daughter Zuzka could participate. We decided to come together with our Czech friends by the car. 

The trip was quite long but it went just all right. When we came to Slettestrande there was a beautiful surrounding waiting for us- the holiday center for disabled people. There was everything we could just imagine that disabled people would ever need to have a proper rest. We admired the facilities in Slovhuset and especially the center for deaf-blind in Aalborg. The visit and the survey of these centers was for us stimulating, inspirational and last but not least very instructive. We found out that we have really a lot to do in Slovakia to be able to provide the similar conditions for our deaf-blinds to have it in the wai you have it in Denmark. What we heard and saw, we will definitely apply also in Slovakia. As Maro from Cypress said “this is the dream for us”. We want to do everything to make this dream to come true.

The presentation of Mr. L. Grandia we found very interesting because it was about the tabu topic till now – sexuality of deaf-blind. We found out that there are many topics about the deaf-blindness that is necessary to solve. Every country has different priority (integration, educational process, assisted living, group home, etc…), but what is in common is to help to deaf-blind to improve their lives. And that is what we all are trying for.

Very important point of the conference was the information about the establishment and purpose of european organization of parents. I would like to thank to Richard Lopéz from Catalonia that with great afford he endeavoured its rise. I am sure that after this meeting the organization will expand. It is very important to prepare good conditions for deaf-blind internationally. IN every country it should be announced that such organization exist.

The program of the conference was very varied and interesting so we could enjoy it very much. However, the most emotional experince for me was the donation of special carriage for Dimitrij from Russia. The reward was his great pleasure and smile when he took a seat. The best comment was given by the president of DBI, Mr. W. Green: “this is Schumacher now. ” We are convinced that the carriage is a big help.

It could be said, that once again it was proven that the meetings like this have its purpose and are very important for all participants.

To conclude, I would like to thank to all who help us to participate at this conference – especially to Mr. Green and Mr. Lolli.

We thank to organizers for creating such a great conditions and for lovely experiences. We felt excellent during the whole week. THANK YOU!!!

We are glad, that the tradition of the meetings will continue just in the heart of Catalonia, in BARCELONA.
Demostrations of Barcelona, that we saw were very tempting…

We wish you best luck

Peter Fašung