Speakers in the Accessibility Workshop

The objective of this workshop was to present the concrete aspects of accessibility and the business case for providing accessible products and services.

The workshop reflected the state of the art of accessibility legislation, policies and products and services in the areas covered by the current proposal for a European Accessibility Act. Speakers were coming from various stakeholders, namely policymakers, accessibility experts, industry, disabled persons and practitioners, from the EU as well as the USA.

Member States administrations, Members of the European Parliament, European Commission, European Economic and Social Committee, European Disability Forum, Older persons and consumer organizations Industry, US experts from the Federal administration and others were represented.

Participants in the Accessibility Workshop

The present and future of accessibility

  • Delivering accessibility through ICT
  • Linking mainstream accessibility with assistive devices

Public Procurement

  • Buying accessible in the US Administration
  • Facilitating accessible procurement
  • A national experience

The Web and e-commerce

  • Web accessibility, an opportunity for SMEs
  • Making the global Web accessible using standards
  • Accessible e-commerce

Making accessibility a reality through market opportunities and legislation

  • Accessibility in the global market
  • Economic benefits: business and employment
  • Strategic litigation, Enforcement in US legislation


  • US telecom and audiovisual legislation (255 & VCAA)
  • Accessibility features in communication devices
  • Real time text product
  • RTT demo

Debate at the Accessibility Workshop


  • Breaking down accessibility costs in Audio Visual Media Services
  • Practical examples – making Audio Visual Media Services accessible in the EU
  • Accessible commercial services
  • Accessible terminals


  • Accessing printed information
  • Harmonising accessible e-books


  • What is accessible banking?
  • Making e-payments accessible
  • ATMs and banking kiosks for all


  • Websites/ SST regulation in the US DoT
  • Accessible air transport information engines
  • Accessible ticketing machines

Built environment

  • Accessibility regulations and standards in the build environment

This workshop was a real success, with very interesting and constructive debates, thanks to all stackholders involved and to their will to contribute to the development of Accessibility of products and services for deaf-blind people.