Manifest for the Alliance for the Universal Accessibility

This coalition, whose goal is to advance accessibility for all, submitted the agreement to form an alliance last week at the Auditorium 1899 in the Camp Nou.
Several well-known and accomplished individuals joined the celebration during the signing ceremony.

The groups and businesses mentioned above want the UN to proclaim a World Universal Accessibility Day, which would establish a particular day to support various initiatives around the globe to increase awareness of this issue. On September 30, 2018, the first World Universal Accessibility Day will be observed.

The signatures collection period, which seeks the support of the cities, companies, institutions and people who want to join the Project, has begun after the creation of the alliance and the signing of the agreement.

The United Nations Convention on the People’s Rights with Disabilities considers accessibility as one of its general principles. Accordingly, it highlights the importance of accessibility in physical, social, economic and cultural environment, in health, education, in information and communications, so that people with disabilities can fully enjoy all human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Conference for the Universal Accessibility

JORDI CARDONER (First Vice-president of the FC Barcelona and the FCB Foundation)

“Barça is, in many ways, a leader in many areas of its activity. Today, together with such extraordinary companions, we want to make the world more accessible, which means to create a better and fairer world for everyone”.

 XAVIER BERTOLÍN (Director of the Commercial and Educational Area of “La Caixa” Bank Foundation)

“Our social commitment is based on building a better and fairer society. Thanks to the integration programm “Incorpora” we have managed to create 132,000 jobs for people with disabilities in more than 40,000 companies throughout Spain.”

 JOSEP ESTEBA (Founder and CEO of Mapp4all Universal Accessibility)

“From Mapp4all we understand accessibility from people’s needs, which means that more than 50% of the population is directly affected when it comes to accessing any kind of establishment. In a collaborative way, Mapp4all makes available a tool so that we all build the universal accessibility map.”

 AGUSTÍ COLOM (Councillor for Enterprise and Tourism of the City Council of Barcelona and Councillor of Les Corts District)

“This year we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Barcelona Olympic Games. Ever since, our city has been permanently evolving for the constant improvement of accessibility. From the city council, being part of this alliance is one of its priority”.