Walking the Way of Saint James

The Way of St. James (Camino de Santiago), a spiritual route, has been walked by pilgrims from all walks of life for more than a thousand years. The Way is traveled by pilgrims for a variety of reasons, including enlightenment, adventure, penance, and more. Several deafblind people will participate in this week-challenge, which promotes visibility of the deafblind, in September of next year. This proposal is available to deafblind people and those who assist them, as well as to the relatives of deafblind people and competent volunteers. We contrast cycling and walking as our two separate modes of transportation.

For those who prefer to take up this challenge by bike, you can come along with your bike or tandem, and we are planning to cycle a distance of 300 km. We are going to meet in Oviedo between the 12th and the 13th of September 2015 in order to start our long walk.For those who prefer walking, we will meet in Sarria, which is a strategic location, with good travel connections because of its coach and train stations.

We will walk 100 km, until we reach the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. A deafblind person and his intervener Once there, the bishop will be waiting for us to celebrate that we overcame the challenge. Our arrival is planned to be on the 19th at 12pm. Both the walkers and the cyclists, deafblind or not, will reach the Cathedral together in order to get the Credential of the Camino de Santiago, a document given to walkers to certify them as pilgrims to record their passage through distinct locations along the routes.

CALL FOR INTEREST if you are a deafblind relative, a volunteer or a professional in this field and you want to take part in this activity.

Please contact EDbN for more information: edbn@edbn.org