A view of the visit to Alberobello.

For the young guests activities as: “Beyond the words” artistic activities.

For parents:

  1. Life and choice by Frank Ullmer
  2. Growing up together by Ursula Heinemann
  3. Quality of life for family members, Patrizia Ceccarini
  4. Presentation of Apascide, the spanish organization by Juan Carlos Ruvira
  5. Art and Creativity in development by Klaus Vilhelmsen
  6. The need for relationship, William Green
  7. Equality in legislation
  8. Aspects of daily life regarding after school and leisure time, Gracia Ugolini
  9. Wishes for the future, European cooperation for good quality of life. Lone Poggioni & Ricard Lopez
  10. Equal rights for all. Rosa Francioli