Deafblind Canada

EDbN is a member of EDF (European Disability Forum) which is a European level organisation campaigning for the rights of all disabled people in the European Union.

EDF has just launched a campaign to collect 1 million signatures to combat discrimination in all aspects of the lives of disabled citizens in Europe. It is important for EDbN members to support this campaign as disability specific legislation at a European level would encourage national governments to bring in disability specific legislation in countries where there is none or it is inadequate at the moment.


The European Union must respond to the call of at least 1 million citizens. This is stated in the draft European Union Constitutional Treaty. EDF is encouraging people not to miss this opportunity to raise their voices.

The campaign “One million for Disability” runs from 23 January to 3 October 2007.


On 4 October 2007, the signatures will be officially handed out to the European Commission and the European Parliament. At the same time, a gathering of disabled persons, their families, friends and allies will take place in Brussels, in the heart of the European Institutions area.

Go to One Million Disability to sign up.

If you have any questions please contact Lucy Drescher at