conecta corazones

Connect canes, Create hearts

Some people perceive the world through other people’s senses.
Dedicate part of your heart to helping people with deafblindness!

Conecta corazones, donación, deducción
You can identify them by the<br />

You can identify them by the #REDANDWHITECANE


There are still many people who are unaware of the existence of deafblindness and, as a consequence, thousands of deafblind people in Spain are not detected and are isolated in their homes, depending on their families and without autonomy due to not having the appropriate resources and tools.

Deafblind people cannot communicate through sight or hearing but you can connect with them through your heart. The CONNECT HEARTS campaign aims to join candy canes to form hearts as a symbol of raising awareness and fundraising to allocate to the care of people who live with this sensory disability: DEAFBLINDNESS.

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