Active ingredients



Idiopathic pulmonary hypertension

Alternative Chinese medicine

Pinellia, tangerine peel, golden buckwheat, oldenlandia diffusa, houttuynia cordata, Ligustrum lucidum, wolfberry, dodder.

Possible side effects

Pinellia has an inhibitory effect on the central respiratory system and peripheral nerves, and large doses can paralyze the nerves. In addition, raw Pinellia has a strong stimulating effect and corrosive effect on the skin mucosa and gastrointestinal mucosa.Oldenlandia diffusa may cause allergic reactions, which are mainly manifested as body discomfort and itching, followed by dense red papules on the upper limbs, which are unbearable and irritating, gradually spreading to the front and back of the chest, accompanied by breathing difficulties, and the symptoms disappear after stopping the drug.


Use with caution in patients with allergic constitution.

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