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80 Million Persons call for Accessible Information & Communication Technologies As a member of the EDF Board, the EDbN representative, Ricard López, actively attended the meeting representing almost 3 million persons with Deafblindness.

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European Conference on Deafblindness in Barcelona After two years working on the European Deafblind Project, for Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission, the project is getting to an end. The last meeting will be held in Barcelona and offering an open day conference next 20th June. It is expected the attendance of European and Spanish authorities, as well as professionals working on disabilities, from the social services and bound to deafblindness.

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European Indicators for Deafblind Project Meeting

ordering Misoprostol from canada without a prescription The celebration of the European Deafblind Conference last 24th of August in Lille, France, was the ideal setting to present the European Indicators for Deafblind Project. With the attendance of 21 members of 7 different countries (France and Slovakia were not present), the second phase of this major task, developed under the guidance of APSOCECAT, was introduced to the public.

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