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2006 September. Salou, Catalonia (ES). European Family Event Conference LISTEN TO ME 3 “Parent Power”

The V European Family Conference took place in Salou (close Barcelona), Catalonia - Spain, in October 2006 since the 1st until the 6th. The previous family conference was hold in Slovakia, The Netherlands, Italy and Denmark. From Italy these events receive the name of "Listen to me" so the Salou event will be called "Listen [...]

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2004 JUNE. SLETTESTRAND, NORTHERN JUTLAND (DK). Family event “Listen to me 2”.

20th - 26th June 2004. For the young guests activities as: exploring local nature, music, outdoor sculptures, artistic activities. Drama and dance for the deaf blind participants and brothers and sisters. For parents: 1.   Discussion concerning the experiences and the future of European collaboration and the future of the new siblings group. 2.   Workshops [...]

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2002 October. Ruvo di Puglia (BA, Italy). Family event “Listen to me”.

20th - 27th October 2002. For the young guests activities as: "Beyond the words" artistic activities. For parents: 1.   Life and choice by Frank Ullmer. 2.   Growing up together by Ursula Heinemann. 3.   Quality of life for family members, Patrizia Ceccarini. 4.   Presentation of Apascide, the spanish organization by Juan Carlos Ruvira 5.   Art and [...]

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There are at least 150,000 deafblind citizens livings in the European Union. The personal testimony which forms the basis of this report, reveals a group of people who count as amongst the most socially excluded citizens in Europe. They face unique disadvantages in a world that is organised for the hearing and sighted. In January [...]

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2001 May. VIENNA (AUSTRIA) seminar, Deafblind people, family members and professionals working together.

Austria is a country with a special geography. The country is divided in several regions. Each region has its own laws and structure. That is the reason why awareness raising and initiatives involving deafblind children and adults are done on a regional or local level. This EDbN conference in Vienna on the 19th and 20th [...]

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Our EDbN seminar on the 20th of May 2000 in Ancona, Italy was on all aspects of equal opportunity for deafblind people. We have started a new area, where policy starts from the point of view of deafblind people themselves. There is the anti discrimination clause in article 13 in the Amsterdam Treaty and in different countries new laws are being prepared to seek equal opportunities for disabled people. Disability is not only a social issue, it became a human rights issue towards full citizenship. It was said that we need legislation that recognises deafblindness and legal rights to special services, stronger civil rights in employment, greater awareness of deafblindness and change of attitude towards deafblind people. Deafblind people themselves need to be involved in awareness raising. Sense UK gave the about 60 participants many examples how to do it. Deafblind people, family members and professionals have each a very importaht role in awareness raising campaigns.

It is almost one year ago since EDbN's visit to Ancona, but I still remember the singing and playing music, the atmosphere of friendship and partnership.
Many thanks to the Lega del Filo D'Oro in Italy and to William Green, who did everything to make this seminar a success.

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1999 Kosice. Slovakia. Family event “3rd European Family Conference”

September 1999. The Third European Family Conference was held in Slovakia one sunny weekend in September 1999 in the beautiful city of Kosice. There were over fifty people from sixteen European countries, mainly parents and other family members and a few professionals, with a large group from Central and Eastern Europe. We came from a [...]

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18TH - 21TH OF SEPTEMBER 1997 There were approximately 80 persons from all over Europe. Also from Africa and Canada. The programme was quite full. We had lectures about the big variety of deafblindness. Video films were shown. There was a programme for deafblind youngsters about how to find a job. Some advice for the [...]

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1997 November. DUBLIN Seminar, Report back from the groups discussions: Deafblind people, professionals and parents.

The Deafblind group Research should be done to develop communication with four hands, hands on signin, technical aids, international exchange in this field. In the future we should have separate programmes at the same time: One programme on congenitally deafblindness ant the other on acquired deafblindness, we can have a deeper conversation in that way. [...]

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